February 25, 2015

Raise Your Paws Up!

Raise your paws up, ‪‎little monsters‬! The Gaga is so back! I remember the risk I took upon declaring my allegiance to the cult of little monstrosity- the judgmental look of my friends, the mean retort of some of them, telling me Gaga is just a lame Madonna-wannabe. All these I endured because I see the spark of a real star in Gaga. After the dust settles, I feel so vindicated now.

February 10, 2015

That Thing Called Tadhana


I'm a sucker for happy endings, reason why I love watching romcom. But ‪‎That Thing Called Tadhana‬'s culminating in a rather unpopular ending almost makes me scream, "Why?! ... p*** naman o!" But on my way home, I've realised ok pala s'ya. We need more of these movies to remind us of the beauty of unconventional happy endings. OK, we may may have different take on it, either way, I love the fact that Anthony is happy, yun naman importante di ba? Popular happy endings make us hard-wired to have linear expectations of our own love life. It makes us "atat" to see its end, which should be predictably happy. And there lies the problem, because it doesn't operate that way all the time. The movie may remind us of the lessons we've learned from the hullabaloo of our past loves. It reinforces us to look at the bright side of it, whether we're at the losing end. After all, love is multidimensional.  It's all about perspective, baby!