October 27, 2012

Bite Into The Better Network

A cool ad by SMART.

When I know it's coming from the best,
I get super excited!

Temptation has never been this sweet.

I know what I want, and I know how to get it.

Guys wanna be me, girls want me. I can't help it, they can't help it.

Bite into the better network.
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October 23, 2012

The Love Labyrinth

"I kinda figured that out already. You don't need to be sorry.  The things I told you yesterday, I did it for me. I let it all out, so I wouldn't have to agonize on the "what ifs" anymore.  Funny thing is I'm the one who regretted it for saying a little bit too much, too soon. I guess it's not really meant to be.  So, this is it, good luck to both of us.  I sincerely wish you true happiness. Good bye, R**." 
- Karlie, 23Oct12, 0548H

It was a blur how I got home from the office. Throughout my journey, only these words lingered in my mind. I kept looking at my mobile phone and read through the last trail of our text exchanges. Then I stared blankly through the car window as these words bluntly pierced my already battered heart. I wish I was wearing a mascara, so my face would be marked by black tears. I bet that could have been more melodramatic!  These good-bye pleasantries have become a familiar landscape. In retrospect, I've dealt with it so many times, it started to erode my essence into a pit. What has become of me?

Countless of times I let myself plunged into a love labyrinth.  I was lost, trapped, tripped, wounded and dazed by its intricacies. Countless of times I said never again. Then eventually I would revoke it and end up muttering here I go again. What is left of me?

I have gotten used to it that every time I get another shot at love, I tend to self-destruct and kill it long before it even flourishes.  Why do I do that? ... Why do I do that?


October 2, 2012

A Withered Mauve

I am jaded...

Of the countless ways I let myself drowned into the sea of love
Of gauntness of its promises leaving me like a withered mauve 
Of a thousand years I have waited to see it loom from a flame
Of the foolish times I've been a willing pawn in its cruel game    

But I won't give up...

Until I know it's you I see at the end of the road
Until our hearts speak the same language of the ode 
Until we break free from walls where our feelings are shunned
Until you see happiness as more than a fleeting "fun" 


Image credit: www.lovewayz.com