The Cory Magic

I must admit I never fully grasped the complete anecdote of what many consider as the most exciting, if not the most important, part of Philippine history - the rise of an accidental hero and an iconic symbol of Democracy,  
Cory Aquino.  Until I saw ABS-CBN's documentary entitled, The Extraordinary Life of Cory Aquino last night;  that's when I start seeing the light!

Before, I just see Cory as the first Lady President, with mediocre accomplishments (see how ignorance begets futile judgement, my apologies).  When delivering speeches, she lacks the usual candor of a confident, self-assured leader like Marcos.  Although, I always love her diction! But then I realized, her mild bearing is not an issue of confidence.  She talks with grace, that's what defined the line.  

The documentary began by explaining that, for us to fully appreciate Cory and her significance to the Philippine history, we need to go back to where it all started. The documentary initially tackled Ninoy's plight and how his battle for the country's freedom led to his own demise. Then from anecdote to anecdote, the show explained how Cory faced one struggle to another until she made a decision that changed her life forever - to run for presidency against the formidable forces of the incumbent President Marcos.  It was a classic saga - the battle between good and evil. Amidst mixed opinions about her capability to lead an ailing nation (which for others meant suicide), she went for it (at first, with little reluctance). But she embraced it eventually. It showcased her strength of character and a genuine concern to help uplift the downtrodden lives of her fellow Filipinos.  She may be at the right place at the right time, but only few women would have embarked on the same journey she chose.  That selflessness, personal sacrifice and consistency made her a real hero in her own right.

The documentary weaved a very intricate story but delivered it with such clarity and graciousness for a person who truly deserved it. Kudos to ABS-CBN!  It was truly inspiring!


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