My Major, Major Life Lesson

“In my 22 years of existence, there’s nothing major, major mistake that I have done in my life.” I wish I could just quote Venus Raj with this infamous line when she was asked about the valuable lesson she learned from her mistake, to spare me from deeper self-introspection.  But we all know that cost her the crown. I am not about to fall into the same trap.  After all, I am nine years older, if not wiser, than she is.

So, here goes.  One very important lesson I have learned through the years is not just to value but to  apply the lessons from all my mistakes.  The universe has a funny way to remind us of all these life lessons if we do not take heed the first time.  It is like a ghost that will haunt us if we refuse to acknowledge it.  For instance, when I first realized that love is not a game to play, I became a sordid player, more determined to get even in the next playoff. Unconsciously, I handled my relationships like a deal of who is going to leave it with the least amount of heartaches.  And in the process, I became too cynical to even believe that love really exists.  When I was hit by Karma’s mighty sledgehammer and crashed into the rock bottom, I finally succumbed to the lesson.  Now, I do not look at love as a game but as a gift to cherish.   Although, I am single now, I look forward to love again.  This time, I am not going to act like a player, but a partner. A life partner who will unselfishly, devotedly, and lovingly sustain a decent, responsible, and committed relationship.

This might not win me the crown either (who knows what Ms. Mexico might pull off beautifully from her own lame mistakes!). But the lesson proved to be far more precious than just sashaying a tiara along the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila. Okay, I will spare you now of the hideous graphics! 


Anonymous said…
A reformed player huh? Sometimes we still ought to be at the playing field to keep the spice! Don't lose d fun part. Ü
Karlie Bradshaw said…
Ei Anonymous (hope you'll be more conspicuous next time...;)) - Too much of something is bad enough... to much of nothing is just as tough! hehe

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