The Quarter Life Crisis

I don’t know when and how exactly I get here. There’s a big void, and I can’t seem to figure where. At this point, I know I should be fine. But I am not.  I have crossed it. I wish I didn’t. I know there’s no turning back.  But I’m slowly ebbing away.  Can someone get me out of this reverie! 

Image credit: Hitchster


Anonymous said…
Whatever crisis it is, you'll get pass it. Life can be confusing sometimes. You got to have a little faith.
If it's a reverie then all you need is to wake up. Haha
carensmoja said…
I can totally relate Karlie. It's such a bum that we all have to go through this phase sooner or later. And sometimes, even if we made it through we still wonder what's the point? These are the time when you can only rely on your Faith and your emotional quotient.

They say, there's a silver lining behind dark clouds. Let's look forward to that shall we?
Karlie Bradshaw said…
@ Ryan yeah, I know! hehe must be the weather!

@ Carensmoja Litu-lituhan lang ako 'bout a certain crossroad... hehe it's a good crossroad though, hehe drama mode lang! ;)
Emz said…
when i need to get things in perspective, i travel alone (which i'd been doing lots of lately). i highly recommend it. ;)

then again, it could just be the depressing weather we've been having! hahahhaa
Karlie Bradshaw said…
@ Emz Yeah, definitely it's the weather! hehe
Ka-Swak said…
that's life. confusion come and go, but faith always leads us to the right path.

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