Beauty Is A Discipline

A Lady Beggar donning her daily dose of Ever Bilena Red Plum Lip Gloss in total abandon 
Who says beggars can't be choosers? If today this old lady chooses to be beautiful,  who are we to rob it from her?  I imagine being caught sneaking a snap shot of her regimen, then she would slam me with hands-on-hips full swagger and snort, "Dahlin', you can try but you can't take that away from me!" (Ansabe ng mahaderang kampon ni Celia Rodriguez!) Surely, I'd readily bow down and apologize for my shameful transgression.  Imelda Marcos once said that beauty is a discipline.  If she can adhere to it, what's our reason not to?



Nice one! No one can take that away from anyone.. So if I become arte some days, you can't take that away from me too! hahahaha! :P

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