Charice may have lost a few of her massive fan base by her unpopular decision to come out. It's brave, but is it necessary? I'd say it is. A true artist has to find her core and be vulnerable with it to channel necessary emotion to invoke inspiration.  However idiosyncratic it is, it becomes her ticket to legitimacy of her craft.

Her recent performance in Asia's Got Talent marked her arrival as a true artist. The sincerity of it, the calmness of her demeanor, the restraint and her intuitive approach to draw poignant emotion marked her maturity as a great singer.  No longer does she need to belt out a high note with pitch perfect clarity to prove her worth as an artist, as she knows she's no longer playing in that old arena she once fearlessly dominated. Let's leave it to the amateurs to embrace a tacky display of vocal prowess at the expense of losing the integrity of the song. It's a breathe of fresh air to see her finally getting attuned to the true essence of singing her heart out. This is the first time I truly enjoyed listening or rather savoring every melancholic melody of the song. No disrespect to Sam Smith but I'm actually more inclined with Charice's version, because I felt more connected with it.

In the end, we remember the emotion the song carried through more than the bravado of how technically flawless it was rendered.  It is pure "eargasm."

Charice let your honesty and vulnerability continue to shine through in every performance.  Not aĺl artist can manage to pull it off as gracefully as you can.

I hear you now better than ever.


Anonymous said…
my words exactly. love her even more

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