May 28, 2011

Most Interesting Blog Award Contest

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I'm a newbie blogger (technically). So far, it's been a lot of fun putting a new life out of the blog I have created 2 years ago that seated virtually untouched until last month.  My only regret is that I should have taken this seriously earlier on and not waited until the entire blogosphere is already as expansive as the universe itself!

But it is never too late, there will always be a room for everyone, so they say. You just need to be a little more committed to sustain it, as it entails some work - from designing and maintaining your blog template, to writing your post content, to managing your SEO. But any "wanna-be" writer will surely learn a great deal of tips and tricks to build a viable platform to be heard. It's definitely worth it.

I was blog-walking earlier this morning when I chanced upon this post: Most Interesting Blog Award Contest by Abdul Hakeem (Weblog of Roy).  My blog is still a work in progress. Everyday, I would think of any enhancement to give my blog a more polished, engaging and professional look.  For the last few weeks, I've been adding in or weeding out HTML codes, widgets, pictures, texts (and occasional bugging out my tekkie sister when HTML codes get too complicated for me to handle).  But somehow, I still feel like there's something missing.  When I saw this post, it gave me a clearer idea of what I need to do. I could use a badge... a seal of approval from blogger connoisseurs to gain more credibility. And so I decided to join this contest.  What could be more interesting than winning The Most Interesting Blog Award!  :)

The contest offers a free one-year ".com" domain for its top blogger winner. If I'd win, this domain will be my symbolic badge that I've actually earned a rightful place in the blogosphere community. That would be cool!  (So I keep my fingers crossed.)

I have chosen Decoding Lady Gaga's Judas as my official entry for the competition.  I had the most fun writing this post.  And somehow, this article defined the over-all feel of my blog and my writing style. It's honest, fun, thoughtful and engaging.  So if you agree with me, kindly VOTE for it here or on the above link starting May 30. The voting will run for 10 days for the Top 10 finalists. And another 5 days for Top 3.  You may leave a comment below if you need to be reminded.  I will be more than happy to oblige. Thank you!

May 25, 2011

A Dummy’s Futile Attempt To Demystify Android Technology

The buzz for Android phones lurks in the gadget world for quite some time now.  It gave the Symbian OS a very hard time catching up. As an inevitable speculation, Nokia N8, the Nokia heavyweight, might be the last of its Symbian kind. As Microsoft changed direction and just recently launched the Windows 7 Smartphones (which offer a level-up capacitive multi-touch screen interface). That’s what I’ve heard from the techno-savvy groupies in the office.

In my mind, I was laughing myself out loud at how these nerdies flocked together and convulsed over these gadget evolutions like there's gonna be a whole new order of life... of Genomic or Molecular importance.  The idea of tekkie-talks makes me feel nauseated. It is a certified “bloody-nose situation”, as far as I am concerned! OK, my LOL inside my mind was maybe a little unnecessary.  This advancement is just as important, I supposed. Hey, am I not allowed to use a little defense mechanism for my obvious inadequacies?!  (winks!)

Now that I submitted myself to this “extra tekkie challenge,” might as well roll my sleeves up, get my hands dirty and dig in some more.  And for my fellow technologically-challenged friends, relax.  We’ll have a lot of time talking about our life dramas in the coming blogs.  Meanwhile, let’s traverse some unchartered virtual territories.  This could be educational!

Image credit: laihiu
Okay, first thing’s first. What is Android? I am not referring to the near-human robots that we've seen during the 80s. We have been hearing and seeing marketing messages driving us to “get Andronified.” Adroid is one of mobile phone's Operating Systems (along with Mac's OS X and Windows Phone 7).  It allows our phone to be the “super phones” they are now. It blurs the line between a mobile phone and a laptop. It amazingly packed our phones with the following features:

Optimized graphics
Dummy interpretation: 3D animations that we enjoy with the online games– Farmville, Diner's Cafe, Sudoku, UNO, Treasure Hunt, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion, Prince of War, etc.

Wide range of media support from common audio, video and still image formats (MPEG4, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF)
Dummy interpretation: high-definition photos, videos, movie streamings, youtube, etc.

SQLite for Structured data storage
Dummy interpretation: a hefty 16, 32, 64 gig memory space!

Application framework enabling reuse and replacement of components
Dummy interpretation: downloading fun widgets like The Impossible Quiz, Learn 10, Tweet  Blender, Pandora, Tumblelog, Spout Movie List, Dance Monkey Dance,, My Last.fmTop Artists, Bebo, Rhyme Dictionary, Book of the  Day, Drawing Game, etc.

Rich development environment including a device emulator, tools for debugging       
Dummy interpretation: Uhm.. I'm lost in translation, sorry!

Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices
Dummy interpretation: Red Alert: Nausea attack! Bloody nose! Project Tekkie aborted!  hehe

To cut it short, Android provides our mobile phones with a seamless User Interface that can be compared to actual computers/laptops - all in palm-size wonders (e.g. Sony Ericson Xperia Arc, HTC Desire S, Samsung Tablets, etc.)!

Sorry guys, you can’t say I didn’t try. Now I know why these stuff are called virtual… ‘coz they ain’t real.  (winks!)

Okay, let’s just talk about real stuff.  How ‘bout my backpacking journey in all the beautiful beaches of the Philippines?  (winks!)

Photo credit: Pictures from Heather

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May 20, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 - All Star Cast

ANTM has tried it all - petite models, full-figured models, cuckoo models (which are my favorites by the way), villain models, bimbo models, rare Ivy League models, even a transvestite model - all for the glory of fashion for all walks of life.  Tyra became the matron of supermodel dreams.  She made it accessible for all women and women-at-heart to test the waters and see how far can their mediocre skills bring them into the elusive catwalks of Paris and Milan.

From cycle to cycle, we’ve seen girls broke their hearts for not making it through the top. Or girls who we never suspect to make it on top! It has been 16 glorious cycles. So what else have we not seen yet?

I was toying with the idea of summoning all the past cycle winners and putting them into a major top model derby and see who would emerge the ultimate ANTM.

But ANTM had other things in mind.  Instead of the winners, they invited the most interesting ones. And by interesting, I meant all those who have brought much chaos and drama into the competition. Imagine all the major b*tches (pardon me, I’m speaking the ANTM language) lurking inside Tyra’s house?  That’s the reality TV I’m talking about!

So, who are the lucky ones who made it to the  “All Star” cast for Cycle 17?

Image by
Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1)

The Christian girl who has maintained her virtues intact when she refused to pose naked in one of the final shoots.  I wonder how she’d put up with the same situation now that the competition is expected to level up.  Art… photography… modeling… reality TV… nudity... hmm… the odds are compelling.

Camille McDonald (Cycle 2)

The girl who started the "Signature Walk" sub-culture in the succeeding competitions.  She’s vivacious. And she really nailed it - Signature Walking through the “go see” ramp and fearlessly declaring that's gonna be her ticket to fame.  But judging from the photo above, guess she decided to bring more to the table than just her catty signature walk!
Britanny Brower (Cycle 4)

The sassy girl who terrorized Keenyah (with her “Shut the f**k up!” stunt) for having a meltdown for Nelson Mandela’s past plight just 'coz they're both black. That’s the only thing I remember vividly. The rest are just blurry images of her goofing around here and there. But she's pretty. The pretty version of Janice Dickenson, so they say.

Photo credit:
Lisa D'Amato (Cycle 5)

Lisa is one of our (my sister and I) favorites. She's crazy funny. The doting mother of all cuckoo birds in the cuckoo's nest!  She made a cousin out of a cactus, for crying out loud! And named it Itt!  Need I say more?

Photo credit:

Bre Scullark (Cycle 5)

The “Who stole my granola bar!” girl. I'm not really into her, but she'd put a good fight during her time. She also donned her "signature walk." And guested in the succeeding cycle as a catwalk mentor.

Photo credit:
Bianca Golden (Cycle 9)

The shaved-head Bianca Golden! She looks fierce. She’s probably one of the most villainous-looking models ever to grace ANTM (with her snotty eyebrow arches and mean, pouty lips).  But she has a certain sophisticated look that I like. 

Photo credit:

Isis King (Cycle 11)

The tranny model.  I just hope she won't hesitate this time to fully embrace her heritage who truly invented "fierce"! I think she has it in her.

Photo credit:
Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10)

The model with a "tranny predicament".  She's one of the self-absorbed - "Dominique is this... Dominique is that... See how great Dominique is!" (to borrow Tyra's comment in one of the judges' deliberations) kind of model.  But she can deliver. Take the photo above... fierceness can't get any fiercer than that! She'd probably brought more honor to the "shemale" kingdom than Isis had pulled off so far. But this is a brand new competition, so we'll see.

Photo from
Sheena Satana (Cycle 12)

The Asian girl.  I am rooting for her now because there is still no Asian winner in ANTM history. Maybe it’s about time!

Photo credit:
Allison Harvard (Cycle 12)

The eye-poppingly poppy-eyed model. Although, I dig that bizarre awkwardness that Tyra and her minions were talking about.  She's special. I see her as the modern-day Twiggy. She's one of my top 3.
Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13)

The sweet and petite country girl.  I sincerely worry about her being inside the house full of b*tches. I hope she'd stay long enough before she's eaten alive!

Photo credit:
Angelea Preston (Cycle 14)

Krista White's frenemy. She's one of the girls who pulled off a successful go-sees during the competition. Her record: 6 out of 6 go-see bookings! Way to go girl! For me, she's one of the well-proportioned models in the bunch. And she got killer long legs. Fierce!

Photo credit:
Kayla Ferell (Cycle 15)

The ginger lesbian model.  I was rooting for her the entire Cycle 15 competition. Well, Ann's really the heavyweight from the start. And I couldn't agree more with the judges decision... after all, the cycle's theme is high-fashion. But I've always hoped Kayla would be the dark horse. I'd never thought she would transform into Kayla that I've grown to love.  She was this clueless, screaming and bouncing blond girl when she auditioned. She'd come a long way! 

Photo credit:
Alexandria Everret (Cycle 16)

The high-spirited model! She's the public enemy #1. The control-freak. But what would Cycle 16 be without her.

The "Mean Girl" caliber of these Top Model hopefuls is already a guarantee that this cycle will be FUN!   A level up on crazy and notoriety is not too far-fetched had they included Jade Cole of Cycle 6, The Undiscovered Supermodel with a total diva (mis)demeanor, to seal in the deal.  Who knows, it could also be educational - of NatGeo's scale in understanding the anthropology of "b*tching" around!  

Image credit (top photo- ANTM model ensemble):  BigGirlBlue

Do you agree with me, or you think I'm crazy? Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts... or your Top Model bet for this cycle. You can leave a message below.

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May 16, 2011

Decoding Lady Gaga's Judas

Judgment has been made. Lady Gaga is sacrilegious!  But being a faithful little monster that I am, I didn’t just settle for that.  So I probed.  I loomed through the fire where the smoke came from that led me to near-death exhaustion and almost killed my fascination with the Mama Monster. Don’t you love how metaphors sound? Since I’ll be discussing about the metaphorical Lady Gaga, might as well do it in style, metaphorically!  (wink!)

When I first saw the video, I was brought yet again to a trance as I fidgeted whatever parts of my body I could conjure the moment the initial trademark Gaga incantations began. Judaahh! Juda-aas Judaahhs!  It was raining, and I felt I was brought back to the Woodstock marshland to celebrate rock and roll for the first time. (How’s my metaphor so far?) Ok, that’s a little exaggeration, I’m not even that old to witness the Woodstock pandemonium, but I’m sure the feeling invoked is pretty much the same.

Judas! Juda-as Judas!
Judas! Juda-as Judas! GAGA! (then I felt the urgency to strike a pose, as Mama Monster would have imposed!)

Image credit: 
At this point, the leather-cladded Fellini biker boys rolled down the road.  Then came Lady Gaga riding at the back of the MOB biker club leader, who oddly wore a thorn-like headdress.  That’s when I started to feel a little uncomfortable.  Could it be… Jee… nah! Then I counted the bikers- 1, 2, 3… 12! And how could I miss the name plates in their leather jackets (Read: Thomas, Peter, Joseph...)! Oh no, Gaga! You can’t go there! As if Alejandro is not enough!  This is me like a brooding father for her wayward daughter who has miscalculated a quantifiable risk and plummeted herself into a possible career suicide.  But any father would know, he needs to let his daughter be what she’s gotta be. Metaphor sustained! (wink!)

Then came the first stanza.

When he comes to me, I am ready
I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times, he betrays me

Since Gaga claimed to use these Biblical anecdotes as metaphors to reflect betrayals of her past lovers, I'm going to decode it in a romantic notion that this is actually a "love song". She considered herself submissive to her lover, always forgiving despite his incessant lies, philandering and unfaithfulness.

I'll bring him down, bring him down, down
A king with no crown, king with no crown

But as any aggrieved woman’s clamor, there came a point that enough is enough. So she avowed vengeance. 

I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel
But still I'm in love with Judas, baby
I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel
But still I'm in love with Judas, baby

Just as many people’s dilemma when violated by their loved ones, it seemed so hard to just let go and move on.  Sometimes it is much easier to stick around and be a fool.  Hmmm… sounds familiar?

I couldn't love a man so purely
Even prophets forgave his crooked way
I've learned love is like a brick you can
Build a house or sink a dead body

I guess, this is every hopeless romantic’s fault to believe in the purity of love in every encounter.  Sometimes, our reason failed us and we just let things be.  But in the end, we’ll all realize that along the way, there is a crossroad. A choice, whether we allow love to serve us or destroy us.

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense
Judas kiss me if offenced,
Or wear an ear condom next time

Sometimes we allow ourselves to sink entirely beyond repentance whether in love or other aspects of our lives. And through it all, we are often succumbed into the vanity of seeking an audience as we experience the bittersweet journey of love.

I wanna love you,
But something's pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
And Judas is the demon I cling to
I cling to

But when reality sets in, we realize that there is “good” within us.  And clinging into what’s right for us can be our own salvation from self-destruction.

Image credit:
This is my linear and sanitized interpretation of the song about love, betrayal and forgiveness, as Gaga so daringly and metaphorically put.  I am not totally comfortable with the symbolisms and imageries used in this video, but the song incorporates redeeming values about loving appropriately and morally.  The song even transcends its love metaphor to reflect our internal battle between good and evil.

The video is highly conceptual. And just like any of Gaga's past works, it provides us with a very luscious visual treat. Sure it rocks us off our seat occasionally.  But isn't it how a work of art should be?  And let’s give Lady Gaga a credit, as she figured, if she’s going to get stoned for this video, she’d already stoned herself first!  Guess who's got the last metaphor? Me? Nope.. it's Gaga(!) in her last video scene as Mary Magdalene being stoned to death in her fabulous bridal gown. Genius!

Do you agree with me, or you think I'm crazy 'coz I seriously disagree with anyone who thinks Gaga is just a cheap Madonna wannabe? Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Image credit (Lady Gaga top image): alexlovesmiley

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May 14, 2011

Why "Little Monsters" Can't Have A Royal Headdress?

If only for the headdress, I’d say William and Kate’s Royal Wedding rocks! I mean, look at all those high-society women, who attended the wedding, all donned in their larger-than-life headdresses that rendered Philip Treacy some sleepless nights assembling them.  Everybody seemed to wanna have their fifteen-minute fame. It definitely did the trick!

But why does headdress only come alive during royal occasions?  Why can’t it be just a staple fashion accessory for everyday life? That will definitely be more interesting. Sara Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) made a statement wearing cutesy feathered, sequined headdresses before.  And, lo and behold, she was dubbed as the Holy Grail of Fashion!  Lady Gaga, on the other hand, used all her outrageous headdresses to command attention.  And boy, she really got it big time… of cultic proportions! Now all the little monsters (myself included) are putting their paws up for their fabulous but notoriously misunderstood (read:blasphemous) Mama Monster! But Carrie and Lady Gaga are royalties in their own right.  So, that doesn’t count. Imagine ordinary women strolling not just along the sleek streets of The Fort and Makati but also the modest streets of Quiapo and Cubao wearing their hip, eclectic headdresses. Imagine... Okay, that may be a little too flamboyant, even for me!

Photo by Rob the moment
Headdress seduces us into an idea of a high life that most of us could only dream of.  Every time I see it, I feel like I’m being brought to another era where prince and princesses lavished on the best things life could offer.  I picture Glen Close as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons, always cunning and conniving to play around people’s lives for her entertainmentThat era of decadence.  But still fiercely fabulous nevertheless!  (me LOL ala Cruela de Vil!)

Maybe that's the reason headdress did not take off as a fashion must-have. It embodies certain level of sophistication, be it in good or bad light. Not everyone can own up to it. I know it didn't do Imelda Marcos any good besides earning a lofty slot in Webster's dictionary (that reads: imeldific - ostentatiously extravagant sometimes to the point of  vulgarity). Well, she does not even wear headdresses. But it certainly looked like it! 

So let’s just leave the mighty headdresses to the royalties.  They sometimes look wacky anyway!
Do you agree with me, or you think I'm crazy? Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a message below.  

Lady Gaga image credit: Domain Barnyard

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May 7, 2011

Spotted: Funny Boy Toby

Toby has sworn to visit my blog site only if I feature him in it.  So what do we do when our friends trapped us in this compromising situation? Of course, we get even!  So don’t blame me for this one, Mr. Leandro Tiu. You certainly asked for it! Haha!

In life, we meet people that remind us that we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously because nobody really does.  My good friend, Leandro (or Toby or Ateng or Pops, for short), is a living proof that it only takes humour and a bit of drama to spice up our life.  And so, I am giving him a little tribute for his larger-than-life  persona which somehow brought an easy, breezy, beautiful vibe in all of his friends' lives. 

Toby is a Drama Queen (btw, there’s a hierarchy in the Royal Order of the Dramatics: there’s Peter Lyle, our Supreme Drama Empress, then there’s Toby, the Drama Queen, and of course, there’s Raymond, our little Drama Princess! – but that’s  another story altogether), a Concert Queen and a Comedy Queen all rolled into one.  His presence is a one-flew-over-the-cuckoo’s-nest situation all day, every day! It is reassuring to know that there are still crazier people around us, inspite of our fear of losing our minds as we get older.  Oops, it’s not as bad as it sounds, Toby!  (evil smirk)

I'm not gonna tell everything about him in this blog. It will be irreverent to pay him real tribute in a measly page.  'Coz to properly anecdote his quintessential being would require a saga!  So I’m only gonna tackle his usual banters and witticisms that sometimes turn our world up-side-down.

So here goes... Toby's finest one-liners:
(This list was compiled in collaboration with my dear friend, Lauren)

  • Toby asking us to keep mum on something:  Don’t quote me per se on this one ha?
  • Toby whining about the weather:  It’s so hot here in the Philippines. Let’s just go to Baguio!
  • Toby chitty-chatty with Lyle about a certain coincidence:  Ah talaga, you was there too?
  • Toby popping out of nowhere and approaching a cute guy:  Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
  • Toby popping out of nowhere and approaching a cute guy #2:  Are you in hot?
  • Toby relaying about his domestic issue with his partner:  If he asks me not to, I will not to.
  • Toby asking his date where he works:  You're from work?
  • Toby asking someone to take a picture of him and I:  Take a solo picture of us.
  • Toby advising a friend to just go with the flow:  Ganon talaga. It goes with progress.
  • Toby checking on a friend’s well-being:  How is she taking it up?
  • Toby arguing with a friend:  You're putting words into my tongue.
  • Toby arguing with a friend #2:  You’re barking at a wrong dog! 
  • Toby preventing us from eating street foods:  Don't eat that. Do you want  your stomach to be astray?
  • Toby asking Lauren who prepared her lunch:   Who's cook it?
  • Toby contemplating to ride a bike in Luneta:  I want to bike a bicycle.
  • Toby asking Gianni to blow his birthday cake: Blow the cake and enjoy while it lasts.
  • Toby offering Gianni’s guest some cake:  Please have a piece of cake and eat it too!
  • Toby in the mood for singing ala Pops Fernandez, his one and only idol since birth: Come on Folks! Sing with me Araneta! Kaya pawlah... kaya pawhlah... sa buhay ko’y duhrating ka!  (mimicking Pop’s nasal singing style)
  • Toby hosting a wedding ceremony: Let’s give a round of applause for the newlyweeds! (he almost died of shame and never dared hosting wedding events ever again!)
In our circle of friends, nobody else can pull these off as charmingly, hilariously and vivaciously as Toby.  He’s a league of his own.

If he’s gonna be a Caucasian, we’re pretty sure he’ll be a very pretty blonde! (winks!)  And we definitely have no complaints about that.  Life simply rocks when Toby’s around! That, at least, we can all agree on.

(Hope you like this feature, Toby?  Next time, be careful with what you ask for.  You’ll never know who’s gonna be in the mood to abide by your wishes! (evil smirk... again!). But don't fret, as what Gossip Girl so aptly said,  you’re nothing until you’re talked about!)

Karlie Bradshaw

Disclaimer: This blog was released with full consent of its subject, Mr. Leandro "Toby" Tiu.  He has reviewed and approved its content including the manner by which it was presented (all for the value of good entertainment - much to his chagrin, hehe).  So, thank you Toby for being a good sport. :)

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May 3, 2011

Kiss My Fat Ass!

When Tyra pulled off a very memorable “Kiss my fat ass!” banter in her defunct The Tyra Banks Show, as her answer to the malicious circulation of her picture showcasing her digitally-enhanced, swimsuit-laden fat ass in tabloids and internet, everyone raved for her courageous stunt. That even won her an Emmy’s.  Suddenly she became a role model, a positive image of woman embracing her full-figured, voluptuous form. 

Fat women are now called full-figured women or women of curves.  I’d say, good for them!  But, in men’s case, they won’t be too comfortable calling themselves full-figured, curvaceous men, will they?  That sounds funny and flat-out weird!  So how do they spruce up their category? Bears, cubs, teddys, poohs? Uhm, nope. That’s too gay!  How ‘bout stocky, chunky, sturdy?  Too carnal! Ok, so I guess there’s really no flattering way to address men by their sizes. Not that they really mind. They’re not as complicated as their women counterparts anyway.  Either way, fact remains, they are still “names” no matter how humanely they’re put. 

For a while, I thought Tyra’s audacity can fuel-up a movement.  An advocacy for people to be more comfortable in their own skin (or built, for that matter).  It actually did. But the flame in the torch was too feeble.  There were similar movements in the past to deconstruct the definition of beauty… such as the rise of Dream Girl Jennifer Hudson, Good Momma Queen Latifah, Phat (Pretty, Hot, and Tempting) Girl Mo’Nique.  But ironically, they all slimmed down when their wallets got fatter.  A mathematical equation that can be easily solved by science!

Beauty is subjective.  It even lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yeah, I get that!  But in the real world, there are standards.  Lean, toned, supermodel standards!  Many worked their ass out to comply with these standards.  What about those who do not have the gene make-up to even stretch their flabby arms to achieve these standards? Are they reduced into just being commoners? They could only wish for fairy tales where commoners are magically transformed into royalties.  But how many monarchs are left in the real world?  And just recently, we are robbed yet again of another potential kingdom. Thanks to our fellow commoner, Kate Middleton! Wait, she’s so freakin’ slim for crying out loud!

And so, what’s left for people with “extra baggage?”  I could only imagine.  This is too depressing!  I should have not tried to speak for them (wink!) in the first place. Even I was defeated by my own line of reasoning.  So what’s the point?!  The world remains vicious and superficial anyway. They can just kiss my fat ass! There I said it.

Do you agree with me, or think that I’m crazy? Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment below.

Photo credit: zombieite

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