America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 - All Star Cast

ANTM has tried it all - petite models, full-figured models, cuckoo models (which are my favorites by the way), villain models, bimbo models, rare Ivy League models, even a transvestite model - all for the glory of fashion for all walks of life.  Tyra became the matron of supermodel dreams.  She made it accessible for all women and women-at-heart to test the waters and see how far can their mediocre skills bring them into the elusive catwalks of Paris and Milan.

From cycle to cycle, we’ve seen girls broke their hearts for not making it through the top. Or girls who we never suspect to make it on top! It has been 16 glorious cycles. So what else have we not seen yet?

I was toying with the idea of summoning all the past cycle winners and putting them into a major top model derby and see who would emerge the ultimate ANTM.

But ANTM had other things in mind.  Instead of the winners, they invited the most interesting ones. And by interesting, I meant all those who have brought much chaos and drama into the competition. Imagine all the major b*tches (pardon me, I’m speaking the ANTM language) lurking inside Tyra’s house?  That’s the reality TV I’m talking about!

So, who are the lucky ones who made it to the  “All Star” cast for Cycle 17?

Image by
Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1)

The Christian girl who has maintained her virtues intact when she refused to pose naked in one of the final shoots.  I wonder how she’d put up with the same situation now that the competition is expected to level up.  Art… photography… modeling… reality TV… nudity... hmm… the odds are compelling.

Camille McDonald (Cycle 2)

The girl who started the "Signature Walk" sub-culture in the succeeding competitions.  She’s vivacious. And she really nailed it - Signature Walking through the “go see” ramp and fearlessly declaring that's gonna be her ticket to fame.  But judging from the photo above, guess she decided to bring more to the table than just her catty signature walk!
Britanny Brower (Cycle 4)

The sassy girl who terrorized Keenyah (with her “Shut the f**k up!” stunt) for having a meltdown for Nelson Mandela’s past plight just 'coz they're both black. That’s the only thing I remember vividly. The rest are just blurry images of her goofing around here and there. But she's pretty. The pretty version of Janice Dickenson, so they say.

Photo credit:
Lisa D'Amato (Cycle 5)

Lisa is one of our (my sister and I) favorites. She's crazy funny. The doting mother of all cuckoo birds in the cuckoo's nest!  She made a cousin out of a cactus, for crying out loud! And named it Itt!  Need I say more?

Photo credit:

Bre Scullark (Cycle 5)

The “Who stole my granola bar!” girl. I'm not really into her, but she'd put a good fight during her time. She also donned her "signature walk." And guested in the succeeding cycle as a catwalk mentor.

Photo credit:
Bianca Golden (Cycle 9)

The shaved-head Bianca Golden! She looks fierce. She’s probably one of the most villainous-looking models ever to grace ANTM (with her snotty eyebrow arches and mean, pouty lips).  But she has a certain sophisticated look that I like. 

Photo credit:

Isis King (Cycle 11)

The tranny model.  I just hope she won't hesitate this time to fully embrace her heritage who truly invented "fierce"! I think she has it in her.

Photo credit:
Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10)

The model with a "tranny predicament".  She's one of the self-absorbed - "Dominique is this... Dominique is that... See how great Dominique is!" (to borrow Tyra's comment in one of the judges' deliberations) kind of model.  But she can deliver. Take the photo above... fierceness can't get any fiercer than that! She'd probably brought more honor to the "shemale" kingdom than Isis had pulled off so far. But this is a brand new competition, so we'll see.

Photo from
Sheena Satana (Cycle 12)

The Asian girl.  I am rooting for her now because there is still no Asian winner in ANTM history. Maybe it’s about time!

Photo credit:
Allison Harvard (Cycle 12)

The eye-poppingly poppy-eyed model. Although, I dig that bizarre awkwardness that Tyra and her minions were talking about.  She's special. I see her as the modern-day Twiggy. She's one of my top 3.
Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13)

The sweet and petite country girl.  I sincerely worry about her being inside the house full of b*tches. I hope she'd stay long enough before she's eaten alive!

Photo credit:
Angelea Preston (Cycle 14)

Krista White's frenemy. She's one of the girls who pulled off a successful go-sees during the competition. Her record: 6 out of 6 go-see bookings! Way to go girl! For me, she's one of the well-proportioned models in the bunch. And she got killer long legs. Fierce!

Photo credit:
Kayla Ferell (Cycle 15)

The ginger lesbian model.  I was rooting for her the entire Cycle 15 competition. Well, Ann's really the heavyweight from the start. And I couldn't agree more with the judges decision... after all, the cycle's theme is high-fashion. But I've always hoped Kayla would be the dark horse. I'd never thought she would transform into Kayla that I've grown to love.  She was this clueless, screaming and bouncing blond girl when she auditioned. She'd come a long way! 

Photo credit:
Alexandria Everret (Cycle 16)

The high-spirited model! She's the public enemy #1. The control-freak. But what would Cycle 16 be without her.

The "Mean Girl" caliber of these Top Model hopefuls is already a guarantee that this cycle will be FUN!   A level up on crazy and notoriety is not too far-fetched had they included Jade Cole of Cycle 6, The Undiscovered Supermodel with a total diva (mis)demeanor, to seal in the deal.  Who knows, it could also be educational - of NatGeo's scale in understanding the anthropology of "b*tching" around!  

Image credit (top photo- ANTM model ensemble):  BigGirlBlue

Do you agree with me, or you think I'm crazy? Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts... or your Top Model bet for this cycle. You can leave a message below.

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Angie said…
Wow! Is this true? If it is then I am way to excited to watch cycle 17. By the way, the idea of having all the past cycle winners will be very interesting.
Karlie Bradshaw said…
Yup, I've seen few news online... and it's pretty consistent. :) Yeah, I've always fancied the ultimate ANTM! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Btw... you've got a cool blog! I like your self-description... that your mind's always wandering somewhere over the rainbow! Cute!
RoNRoNTuRoN said…
wow!!! ito ay kaabang abang, i sooo swear, kung 22o man ito.... :D sana 22o
Nimmy said…
I am rooting for Allison and Kayla Angelea for the finale! :D
Karlie Bradshaw said…
@ ron - yup, totoo po 'to! ;) they've already signed the contract...

@ nimmy - that's my top 3 too! ;) but I'm rooting for Kayla all the way! hehe

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