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I'm a newbie blogger (technically). So far, it's been a lot of fun putting a new life out of the blog I have created 2 years ago that seated virtually untouched until last month.  My only regret is that I should have taken this seriously earlier on and not waited until the entire blogosphere is already as expansive as the universe itself!

But it is never too late, there will always be a room for everyone, so they say. You just need to be a little more committed to sustain it, as it entails some work - from designing and maintaining your blog template, to writing your post content, to managing your SEO. But any "wanna-be" writer will surely learn a great deal of tips and tricks to build a viable platform to be heard. It's definitely worth it.

I was blog-walking earlier this morning when I chanced upon this post: Most Interesting Blog Award Contest by Abdul Hakeem (Weblog of Roy).  My blog is still a work in progress. Everyday, I would think of any enhancement to give my blog a more polished, engaging and professional look.  For the last few weeks, I've been adding in or weeding out HTML codes, widgets, pictures, texts (and occasional bugging out my tekkie sister when HTML codes get too complicated for me to handle).  But somehow, I still feel like there's something missing.  When I saw this post, it gave me a clearer idea of what I need to do. I could use a badge... a seal of approval from blogger connoisseurs to gain more credibility. And so I decided to join this contest.  What could be more interesting than winning The Most Interesting Blog Award!  :)

The contest offers a free one-year ".com" domain for its top blogger winner. If I'd win, this domain will be my symbolic badge that I've actually earned a rightful place in the blogosphere community. That would be cool!  (So I keep my fingers crossed.)

I have chosen Decoding Lady Gaga's Judas as my official entry for the competition.  I had the most fun writing this post.  And somehow, this article defined the over-all feel of my blog and my writing style. It's honest, fun, thoughtful and engaging.  So if you agree with me, kindly VOTE for it here or on the above link starting May 30. The voting will run for 10 days for the Top 10 finalists. And another 5 days for Top 3.  You may leave a comment below if you need to be reminded.  I will be more than happy to oblige. Thank you!


Hi I'm ROY said…
Thank you for joining my Most Interesting Blog Award contest.

Voting starts on 30th May, 2011

See yah, ROY
sir rob said…
Hi Karlie,

Now you made me disappointed when you took it off, I was in fact delighted that we had something in common in our mind. And I am in no way offended (even a slightest one) of it and it would be great to see it again. hehe No worries at all Karlie, I'm an open minded person, that always need to listen before making violent outburst. LOL
Karlie Bradshaw said…
That's a relief Sir Rob! :) And I am reinstating the last words... hehe Thank you!

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